Automoto Dual Fuel kit for Diesel generators comes with an innovative electronic injection system designed and developed in association with European engineers having an experience of more than 15 years. It’s an advanced and complex electronic conversion ECU and Sensor, imported from Europe to convert diesel generators to Dual – Fuel. As per CPCB advisory the Diesel Generators has to run on Dual Fuel in 70:30 ratio of Gas and Diesel. With Automoto Dual Fuel, the generator gains the capability to run on Dual Fuel. Automoto’s Electronic Control Unit precisely manage the dual fuel operation in 70:30 ratio, optimizing performance and efficiency.


Here’s an overview of the products used in Automoto Dual Fuel Kit:

Electronic Control Unit

Automoto’s Electronic Control Unit is the heart of the Dual Fuel System. It is an advanced computerized unit that monitors and manages various engine parameters – gas flow rates, air-fuel ratios in real-time. The electronic controller ensures precise gas delivery and combustion optimization.
Automoto’s Electronic Control Unit use specialized software features to manage the engine’s operation effectively when running on two different types of fuel, such as DIESEL and GAS. The software’s primary goal is to optimize performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions for both fuel types.

Electronic Control Unit

The advance features found in our kits are:

Seamless Fuel Switching

Emission Reduction

Precise Control

Real-Time Monitering

Real-Time Adjustment

1. High Flow Gas Injectors

Automoto Dual Fuel kit includes Italian make High Flow gas injectors that delivers the pipe natural gas directly into the engine. The injectors are precisely controlled by the Full Authority Electronic Control Unit to synchronize with the engine’s cycle for efficient combustion.

2. Sensors

Various sensors are integrated into the Electronic Controller to provide critical engine data. These sensors include temperature, pressure and exhaust sensors. The data from these sensors allows the electronic controller to make real-time adjustments to fuel delivery and air-fuel ratios.

3. Gas leak detection System

The Gas leak for Dual Fuel system is a critical safety feature to ensure the safe operation of the generator when using both Diesel and Pipe natural gas. Detecting gas leaks promptly can prevent potential accidents and fires. Automoto comes with PESO approved Gas Leak detector that can quickly detect any leaks and trigger alarms. If a leak is detected, these alarms will sound to alert operators. Automoto Dual Fuel system can be equipped with automatic gas shut-off valves to close instantly if a leak is detected, cutting off the gas supply and preventing further leakage.

4. OBD Panel

The Automoto OBD display panel serve as a user interface to monitor and diagnose any malfunctions or issues with the dual fuel system. When a malfunction occurs, the display panel provide valuable information to the user or technician, helping them identify and address the problem. The display panel show error codes that correspond to specific malfunctions. These codes and messages help users understand the nature of the problem.

5. Changeover Switch

Automoto Changeover switch is an essential component and  plays a crucial role in controlling the fuel source and facilitating a smooth transition between the two fuel types. Automoto Switch have light indicators that show the current fuel selection and allows the operator to know at a glance which fuel type is currently in use and indicates in case of malfunction.




6. Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Sensor

The EGT is another important sensor used in Automoto Dual Fuel Systems to monitor the temperature of the exhaust gases. This sensor is placed in the exhaust system, usually near the exhaust manifold or the turbocharger, to measure the temperature of the gases as they exit the engine. The EGT sensor provides real-time feedback to the Electronic controller of the Dual Fuel System. The ECU uses this information to adjust the fuel-air mixture and the timing of fuel injection for optimal engine performance.